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Physical Education

Skills and techniques


This revision bite will help you describe and understand a range of skills and the variety of techniques which can be applied to them.

A skill is any action that's learned for a purpose, and is needed to take part in activities

Simple and complex skills

  • Simple skills are made up of basic movement actions and are not difficult to perform. For example: chest pass, underarm serve, push pass, straight jump.
  • Complex skills involve a lot more thought and concentration, and are more difficult to perform. For example: handspring, lay up, overhead kick, spike.

Simple skillsComplex skills
have few sub-routines/partshave many sub-routines/parts
have limited physical demandmay have high physical demand
may not be dangerousmay be dangerous
may have an uncomplicated order or number of movementsmay have a complicated order or number of movements
may be performed under no pressuremay be performed under pressure
may involve limited decision making judgementsmay involve many decision making judgements
are easier to learnare more difficult to learn


A gymnast holds a pose.

Class Clips

Video clip - a young gymnast talks through the skills she uses in her routine



Class Clips

Clip demonstrating a snowboarding skill - the haakon

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