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Modern Studies

Need to know

Content and concepts

In this part of the syllabus you should know -

  • How candidates are chosen for election
  • Ways in which people can take part in politics in the UK
  • How elections work in Scotland and the UK
  • How representatives work for their constituents at Westminster, the Scottish Parliament, and on Local Councils
  • Pressure Groups in the UK
  • Trade Unions in the UK

Before your Standard Grade exam, you should revise each of these topics.

Knowledge and Understanding questions for this Syllabus Area will be based on three different concepts -

  • Participation
  • Representation
  • Rights and Responsibilities

Remember - Questions about Politics in Scotland could be based on the Scottish Parliament in Edinburgh, the Westminster Parliament in London, or local councils in Scotland.


A young parliamentary candidate.

Class Clips

The work of one 18 year old prospective parlimentary candidate, one of the youngest ever


The Young Mayor of Newham.

Class Clips

Video clip about a 14 year old Young Mayor of Newham


Democracy Live.

Democracy Live

Watch live and on-demand coverage from inside all the UK parliaments and the European Parliament.


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Keep up with the latest events from across the globe with CBBC Newsround

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