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Maths II


Revision videos
The approximate history of maths, Bitesize maths
About the exam
Exam advice
Sine and cosine rule and area of a triangle, Graphs, Equations
Removing brackets, Factorising quadratics, Indices, Solving quadratic equations, Solving simple equations
Semi-interquartile range, Standard deviation, Probability, Mean, mode and median
Numbers and money
Fractions, Negative whole numbers, Rounding and estimating, Recognising sequences, Surds, Compound interest and appreciation/depreciation, Index notation, Reverse percentages
Measure and Shape
Equation of a straight line, Converting units, Theorem of Pythagoras (converse), Surface area of composite solids, Similarity, Volume of composite solids, Circles
Box plots, Changing the subject of a formula, Cumulative frequency diagrams, Pie charts and frequency diagrams, Scatter diagrams, Trial and improvement, Variation

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