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Maths I

Graphs, charts and tables

Pie charts

Pie charts can be drawn easily, if we remember the crucial fact that there are 360 degrees about the centre of the circle. We split this up to show the different quantities.

Let us take an example, where a class of 30 pupils were asked to toss coins. The results were 13 heads and 17 tails.

Method. Since we have 30 results, we divide 360 by 30, so each result is worth 12 degrees.

Heads = 13 \times 12 = 156 degrees.

Tails = 17 \times 12 = 204 degrees.

You will need a protractor to do this in an exam.

A pie chart showing the percentage of coin throws that resulted in heads and tails. Tails has a slightly greater frequency than heads, so the segment representing tails is a little over half the circle.

Another example would be the following results of pupil Summer holidays. The results are given as percentages and need converting to degrees to be measured out and drawn.

A pie chart comparing some countries. Spain has the biggest segment, then america, then scotland, then greece, then france, though they are not given in this order in the puie chart.


Bar graph.

Class Clips

Video clip showing how a clothes shop uses graphs to keep track of stock and popular sizes


A young boy playing in his garden.

Class Clips

And just for fun - become as excited about graphs as this boy with this jolly song...maybe!


A picture of Mia Cadaver

Tombstone Timeout

Swot up your sums with Mia Cadaver's maths game

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