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Maths I

Basic fractions


One number as a fraction of another

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Imagine that there are 10 questions in a test and you get 7 of them correct. You would say that you got 7 \over 10. Because 7 as a fraction of 10 is 7 \over 10



In the same way, 4 as a fraction of 12 is 4 \over 12


or 1 \over 3 and 20 as a fraction of 48 is 20 \over 48 or 5 \over 12.

Easy? Yes, but just be careful with the units.

For example, 20p as a fraction of £20 is not


20 \over 20, but 20 \over 2000 (because £20 = 2000p).

Similarly, 30cm as a fraction of 5m is 30 \over 500 (because 5m = 500cm).



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