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Maths I

Distance, speed and time


The equation

All of the calculations in this section will be worked out using the distance, speed and time equation. An easy way to remember the distance, speed and time equations is to put the letters into a triangle.

Three triangles show the three distance, speed and time equations. The first shows distance equals speed multipled by time, the second shows time equals distance over speed, the third shows speed equals distance over time.

The triangles will help you remember these 3 rules:

  • Distance = Speed x Time
  • Time = Distance/Speed
  • Speed= Distance/Time

On the next page there are some examples to work through. Have paper and a pen handy, draw the distance, speed and time triangle on your paper, then try the examples.

It might be helpful to first take a look at Bitesize Time Calculations.



Police car.

Class Clips

Video clip showing how the police use distance/time calculations to catch out speeding drivers


A stunt accident being set up for an episode of Casualty.

Class Clips

Video clip about the use of maths, including ratio, in setting up a crash stunt for Casualty

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