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Maths I

About the exam

General example

Example - 2009, Paper 2, Question 7


Last week Theresa asked 76 students to record how many hours they spent doing their homework. The results are shown below.

Homework hoursFrequencyHomework hours x frequency
 Total = 76Total = 

Complete the table and find the mean time spent on homework last week. Round your answer to 1 decimal place.

  • Interpret: this is a standard KU mean from a frequency table question.
  • Select: the solution requires the extension of a frequency table and the calculation of the mean from the column totals.
  • Implement and communicate: see the solution below.

Calculate homework hours x frequency column

  • 16, 24, 54, 44, 40, 36, 35 (1 mark KU)

Add homework hours x frequency column

  • 249 (1 mark KU)

Correctly divide answer to above by 76

  • mean = 249 ÷ 76 = 3.2763 (1 mark KU)

Correct rounding

  • 3.3 hrs (1 mark KU)


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