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About the exam
About the exam, General essay question, Credit essay question, Credit Knowledge and understanding question
Enquiry Skills
Evaluating a source, Comparing sources, Identifying the authors' attitude, Putting information in context, Recording information and presenting conclusions
Changing Scotland and Britain 1830s to 1930s
The coming of the railways, Public health
Changing Scotland and Britain 1880 to present day
Road transport, Population growth, Urban housing, Women and work
International co-operation and conflict 1890s to 1920s
Road to war, The Schlieffen Plan, Trench warfare, End of the Great War, The Treaty of Versailles
International co-operation and conflict 1930s to 1960s
Road to World War Two, German aggression, Munich and appeasement, Outbreak of World War Two, Cold War
USA 1850 to 1880
The Plains Indians, Conflict on the Plains, The Battle of the Little Bighorn 1876 and the end of Native American way of life
Russia 1914 to 1941
Causes of the February Revolution 1917, The October Revolution 1917, War communism, The Five Year Plans
Germany 1918 to 1945
Hitler's rise to power, Nazi control, Hitler and Nazism, The Nazi state

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