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Effects of migration

Migration can have positive and negative effects on the areas that "export" people and the areas that "import" people. Below are two tables explaining the positive and negative effects for both the country losing migrants, and the country gaining immigrants.


For the country losing people:

Fewer people to be fed and housedLoss of young and most able
Income sent home e.g. by Turkish "guestworkers" (gastarbeiter) in the German car industryLoss of young men creates an unbalanced population structure
Reduces pressure on jobs and resourcesLoss of working age people
Loss of those most likely to have education and skills
Division of families
Elderly population remains, so there's a higher death rate


For the country gaining people:

Cheap labourLanguage problems
Helps overcome labour shortagesRacial / ethnic tensions
Immigrants are often prepared to do unskilled jobsJobs lost to incoming workers
Some immigrants are highly skilledLoss of those most likely to have education and skills
Cultural diversityPressure on housing and services. Immigrants tend to be less healthy, placing strain on the health service, and they tend to live in low quality housing
Limited skills/education in immigrant population


Map of Europe

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Voluntary migration between European Union countries


Man holding a gun

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A mosque in Uganda

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Uganda expels Asians from the country in 1972

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