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Why not use this example to practise your writing, there are plenty of phrases to help you.

Each paragraph should have two to three sentences.

Here are some verbs, words and expressions you might want to include in each paragraph:

Paragraph 1 - information on your school, and where it is situated

In the first paragraph of the essay, give information on your school and where it is situated. It is important to make an impact. Why not use these phrases to help you:

  • is toigh leam a bhith a’ cluich - I like playing

  • còmhdaichte - clothed, dressed

  • suidhichte - situated

  • feumaidh - must, obliged to

  • sgoilear, sgoilearan - pupil, pupils

  • aodach sgoile - school uniform

  • tàidh - tie

  • lèine gheal no ghorm - a white or blue shirt

  • briogais dhubh - black trousers

  • sgiort dhubh - a black skirt

  • brògan dubha - black shoes

  • ann am meadhan a’ bhaile - in the centre of town

  • air iomall a’ bhaile - at the edge of town

  • air an tuath - in the country

  • mu sia ceud sgoilear - about six hundred pupils

  • mu mhìle sgoilear - about a thousand pupils

  • Is e… an t-ainm a tha air an sgoil agam - … is the name of my school

  • tha an sgoil suidhichte… - the school is situated…

  • tha na sgoilearan a’ coimhead spaideil anns an aodach sgoile aca - the pupils look smart in their uniforms

  • feumaidh aodach sgoile a bhith oirnn - we must wear school uniform

  • Is e an t-aodach sgoile again… - our school uniform is…

Paragraph 2 - how you travel there in the morning

After you have written a good sentence as a link, you may want to address the second point, how you get to school. Remember to close with a good linking sentence.

  • bidh mi a’ coiseachd - I walk

  • bidh mi a’ faighinn bus, trèan - I take a bus, a train

  • bidh mo phàrantan gam thoirt anns a’ chàr - my parents take me by car

  • astar mòr / fada / goirid / beag - a great / long / short / little distance

  • cuid as motha de na sgoilearan - most of the pupils

  • chan eil e a’ toirt ach deich mionaidean a’ coiseachd - it only takes 10 minutes walking

  • tha mi air a’ bhus / air an trèan airson fichead mionaid - I am on the bus / train / for twenty minutes

  • bheir e leth-uair a thìde anns a’ char - It takes half an hour by car

  • astar mòr / fada / goirid / beag ri siubhal - a great / long / short / little distance to travel

Paragraph 3 - what subjects you take

After how you get to school, you should point out the subjects that you are studying. Remember to use a variety of different verbs and phrases, practise using the following:

  • tha mi ag ionnsachadh - I am studying

  • Is fheàrr leam - I prefer

  • cha toigh leam - I do not like

  • chan eil e a’ còrdadh rium a bhith - I do not like

  • chan eil… a’ còrdadh rium - I do not enjoy

  • is fìor thoigh leam - I especially like

  • Beurla - English

  • Ceimigeachd - Chemistry

  • Ceòl - Music

  • Coimpiutaireachd - Computing

  • Creideamh - Religious Studies

  • Cruinn-eòlas - Geography

  • Cunntasachd - Accounting

  • Eachdraidh - History

  • Eaconomas Dachaigh - Home Economics

  • Ealain - Art

  • Fiosaig - Physics

  • Fraingis - French

  • Gàidhlig - Gaelic

  • Gearmailtis - German

  • Matamataig - Maths

  • Spòrs - PE

  • Teicneòlas - Technology

Paragraph 4 - what other activities you take part in at school

You may want to describe what other activities you take part in at school. Why not include some of the following words and phrases:

  • a’ cluich - playing

  • a’ feuchainn - trying

  • ag obair - working

  • an dèidh na sgoile - after school

  • còisir - choir

  • spòrsan - sports

  • togail dhealbh - photography

  • cuirm-chluich na sgoile - school show

  • club ionnsachaidh - club ionnsachaidh

  • tha e na thogail inntinn dhomh rudan eadar-dhealaichte a dhèanamh - it gives me a lift (a buzz) to do different things

  • a’ cluich ann an sgioba airson na sgoile - playing in a team for the school

  • ag obair cruaidh - working hard

Paragraph 5 - close

Try and create a positive impact with this closing paragraph.

  • a’ teagasg - teaching

  • a’ faighneachd - asking, questioning

  • air fad - in total, altogether

  • eadar-dhealaichte - different

  • cia mheud àrd-sgoil? - how many secondary schools?

  • chan eil ar sgoil cus eadar-dhealaichte bho sgoiltean eile ann an Alba - our school is not very different from other schools in Scotland

  • bidh thu a’ faighneachd tha mi cinnteach - you will be asking I am sure

  • tha mu 400 àrd-sgoil ann an Alba air fad - there are about 400 secondary schools in Scotland

  • chan eil mòran àrd-sgoiltean a’ teagasg Gàidhlig - not many secondary schools teach Gaelic

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