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Why not use this example to practise your writing, there are plenty of phrases to help you.

Each paragraph should have two to three sentences.

Here are some verbs, words and expressions you might want to include in each paragraph:

Paragraph 1 - your pastimes

In the first paragraph, it is important to address the first bullet point. Remember to grab your reader’s attention. Use the following phrases to help you.

  • Is toigh leam a bhith a’ cluich - I like playing

  • ‘s fheàrr leam - I prefer

  • a’ leughadh - reading

  • a’ còcaireachd - cooking

  • a’ coimhead - watching

  • ag èisteachd - listening

  • ag iasgach - fishing

  • a’ snàmh - swimming

  • a’ ruith - running

  • ball-coise, ball-basgaid - football, basketball

  • film - film

  • leabhar eucoir - crime book

  • ceòl ceilteach, clasaigeach, roc ceilteach, ceòl dùthchail - celtic music, classical, celtic rock, country music

  • aig muir, aig loch, air abhainn - at sea, at a loch, on a river

  • amar-snàmh - swimming pool

  • trac rèisidh / ruith - racing / running track

  • a’ suidhe a-staigh a’ coimhead DVD le caraid no dhà - sitting in watching a DVD with a friend or two

  • a’ còcaireachd airson mo charaidean - cooking for my friends

  • Is fheàrr leam a bhith a’ cluich ball-coise na bhith ag èisteachd ri ceòl - I prefer playing football to listening to music

Paragraph 2 - where you carry out your pastimes

After you have written a good sentence as a link - you may want to address the second point, where you carry out your pastimes. Remember to close with a good linking sentence.

  • feumaidh mi siubhal - I have to travel

  • chan fheum mi siubhal - I don’t have to travel

  • a’ falbh air a’ bhus / an trèan - going on the bus / the train

  • a’ fuireach a-staigh - staying in

  • astar mòr / fada - a great/long distance

  • gach Dimàirt - each Tuesday

  • biadhan annasach - interesting / unusual food

  • dàna - adventurous

  • tha e a’ còrdadh rium a bhith ag ullachadh dinnear do chàirdean - I enjoy preparing dinner for friends

  • a’ coiseachd leis a’ chù - walking the dog

  • a’ ruith mar an dealanach - running like lightning

Paragraph 3 — pastimes I like / don’t like

Once you have a good link, you can describe the pastimes that you like, or dislike. Remember to use a variety of different verbs and phrases, practise using the following.

  • Is toigh leam a bhith - I like to (be)

  • tha e a’ còrdadh rium a bhith - I enjoy

  • cha toigh leam a bhith - I do not like

  • chan eil e a’ còrdadh rium a bhith - I do not enjoy

  • seachnaidh mi - I will avoid

  • cha bu toigh leam a bhith - I would not like to be

  • bu toigh leam a bhith - I would like to be

  • a-muigh - outside

  • a-staigh - inside

  • ann an taigh-dhealbh - in a cinema

  • anns na beanntan - in the hills

  • aig an taigh - at home

  • a’ faighinn a-mach às an taigh - getting out of the house

  • seachnaidh mi cur-seachadan nach toir a-mach às an taigh thu - I avoid activities which do not take you out of the house

  • tha mi toilichte fuireach a-staigh, gu h-àraidh anns a’ gheamhradh - I am content to stay in, especially in the winter

  • Is toigh leam a bhith a’ coiseachd / a’ ruith nuair a tha e fliuch - I like walking / running when it is wet.

  • chan eil droch aimsir a’ cur stad orm - bad weather does not stop me

  • b’ fheàrr leam a bhith tioram anns an ionad spòrs na bhith fluich a-muigh - I prefer to be dry in the sports centre than to be wet outside

Paragraph 4 - special equipment, weather considerations

You may want to talk about special equipment, or weather. Why not include some of the following words and phrases?

  • a’ sgitheadh - skiing

  • a’ spèileadh - skating

  • a’ sreap - climbing

  • brògan spòrs - trainers

  • racaid - racket

  • slacan / bat - bat

  • bòrd spèilidh - skateboard

  • sgithean - skis

  • deise-shnàimh - swimsuit

  • a’ cluich air latha fhliuch - playing on a wet day

  • feumaidh sinn tòrr sneachda - we need a lot of snow

  • feumaidh reothadh a bhith ann - there has to be a frost / freezing conditions

  • theab mi tuiteam - I almost fell.

  • thog mi mì-fhìn suas a-rithist - I lifted myself up again.

Paragraph 5 - close

Try and create a positive impact with the closing paragraph.

  • a’ faighinn - getting

  • a’ leasachadh do shlàinte - improving your health

  • a’ cur seachad tide - spending time

  • toileachas - pleasure/satisfaction

  • fèin-leasachadh - self-development

  • gu saor-thoileach - voluntarily

  • a’ faighinn buannachd a-mach à - getting a benefit out of

  • a’ faighinn toileachas bho - getting satisfaction from

  • am fear a bhios na thàmh cuiridh e an càt san teine - the idle man will put the cat in the fire (the Devil finds something for idle hands to do)

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