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Writing a job application

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Writing a Job Application

Why not use this example to practise your writing, there are plenty of phrases to help you:

Each paragraph should have two to three sentences.

Here are some verbs, words and expressions you might want to include in each paragraph:

Paragraph 1 - name, age and school you attend

In the first paragraph of a job application, it’s important to introduce yourself. Why not use these phrases to help you?

  • Is mise… - I am…

  • ‘s e… an t-ainm a tha orm - my name is…

  • àrd-sgoil - secondary school

  • còig-deug / sia-deug bliadhna a dh’aois - 15 / 16 years of age

  • rugadh mi air 24 Faoilleach 19- - I was born on 24 January 19-

  • tha an sgoil agam ann am meadhan a’ bhaile / air an dùthaich / anns a’ bhaile - my school is in the middle of town / in the country / in town

Paragraph 2 - subjects you are doing in school

After you have written a good sentence as a link you may want to address the second point, subjects you are doing at school. Remember to close with a good linking sentence.

  • a’ dèanamh ochd cuspairean - doing eight subjuects

  • a’ dol a ghabhail còig cuspairean aig an Àrd Ìre - going to take five subjects at Higher

  • Beurla - English

  • Bith-eòlas - Biology

  • Ceimigeachd - Chemistry

  • Ceòl - Music

  • Coimpiutaireachd - Computing

  • Eachdraidh - History

  • Gàidhlig - Gaelic

  • Matamataig - Maths

  • Teicneòlas - Technology

  • anns an sgoil againn feumaidh a h-uile duine Beurla agus Matamataig a dhèanamh - in our school everyone must do Maths and English

Paragraph 3 - your favourite subjects and why they are

After you have established what subjects you are doing, you should point out the ones you really enjoy. Hopefully your interests match the job that is advertised.

  • Tha mi a’ dol a thaghadh Eachdraidh / Gàidhlig… airson na h-Àrd Ìre. Is iad sin na còig cuspairean as fhèarr leam. - I am going to choose History / Gaelic… for Higher. These are my five favourite subjects.

  • tha an tidsear Gàidhlig / Eachdraidh… agam sgoinneil. - my Gaelic / History… teacher is great.

  • tha ùidh mhòr agam ann an... - I have a great interest in…

  • Is toigh leam a bhith ag ionnsachadh Eachdraidh agus Gàidhlig. - I enjoy studying History and Gaelic.

  • tha e inntinneach fiosrachadh fhaighinn air… - it is interesting to find out about…

  • … mar a bha daoine beò ceudan de bhliadhnaichean air ais - … how people lived hundreds of years ago

Paragraph 4 - your pastimes and why you like them

From the subjects that interest, you should be able to link to your outside hobbies and pastimes. Why not include some of the following words and phrases:

  • thòisich mi a’ caidheagadh an-uiridh - I began kayaking last year

  • thog mi ùidh ann am marcachd thonn am bliadhna seo - I took an interest in windsurfing this year

  • caidheagadh - kayaking

  • boghadaireachd - archery

  • sreap - climbing

  • iomradh - rowing

  • marcachd thonn - windsurfing

  • bòbhladh - bowling

  • seòladh - sailing

  • bòrd-spèileadh - skateboarding

  • Is toigh leam a bhith a’ caidheagadh / sreap… - I like to kayak / climb…

  • bidh thu a’ coinneachadh ri daoine - you meet people

  • tha e math a bhith a-muigh agus a’ faicinn nan seallaidhean - it’s good to be out and seeing the scenery

Paragraph 5 - what you did for work experience and whether you enjoyed it

If you have been lucky enough to have work experience, make sure that you can link up the two paragraphs and describe the jobs that you did.

  • fhuair mi greis-gnìomhachais còmhla ri… - I got a work placement with a…

  • chòrd an greis-gnìomhachais rium - I enjoyed the work placement

  • cha do chòrd an greis-gnìomhachais rium - I did not enjoy the work placement

  • an t-àite-obrach agam - my work-place

  • ag obair a-staigh / a-muigh - working inside / outside

  • chaidh an seachdain seachad cho luath - the week went past so quickly

  • bha mi ag obair cruaidh - I worked very hard

Paragraph 6 - what you hope to do after you leave school

It is important to list your hopes for the future, in a job application. Remember to link and add detail.

  • tha mi an dòchas a dhol don oilthigh / cholaiste - I hope to go to university / college

  • bu toigh leam ceàird ionnsachadh - I would like to learn a trade

  • trèanadh fhaighinn - receive training

  • ... airson a bhith nam nurs / phoileas - ... to be a nurse / policeman

  • bu thoigh leam bliadhna a ghabhail airson siubhal - I would like to take a year out to travel

Paragraph 7 - close

Try and create a positive impact with this closing paragraph.

  • bhithinn toilichte greis-gnìomhachais fhaighinn còmhla ribh. - I would be happy to get a work placement with you.

  • bu toigh leam obair mar seo a dhèanamh nuair a dh’fhàgas mi an sgoil - I would like to a job like this when I have leave school.

  • Is toigh leam a bhith ag obair còmhla ri daoine eile - I like working with others

  • tha mi an-còmhnaidh air an uair - I am punctual

  • mar a chì sibh - as you see

  • tha ùidh agam ann an obair mar seo - I am interested in work like this

  • bu toigh leam airgead a chosnadh airson an oilthigh - I would like to earn money for university

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