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Pastimes (General)


Andrew and Isobel have gone to their local Youth club. They are reading the latest information about a sports competition. There are questions about the list.

Co-fharpais Club Òigridh a’ Ghearastain - Trì Latha

Co-fharpaiseanCuin?  Càite?
Snàmh Diardaoin 20 Lùnastal 7.30f gu 9.30f Ionad-spòrs
Teanas Diardaoin 20 Lùnastal 5.30f gu 7.00fRaon Teanais 
Ball-coise: GilleanDihaoine 6.30f gu 9.30f Ionad-spòrs 
Ball-coise: Nigheanan Dihaoine 7.30f gu 9.30fTalla na Sgoile 
IomainDisathairne 10.30m gu 12.30f  Raon-cluiche na Sgoile 
Hocaidh (Measgaichte) Disathairne 10.30m gu 12.30fIonad-spòrs 

In which town is Andrew and Isobel’s Youth Club?


Fort William

An Gearastan is the Gaelic for Fort William. An Gearastan is actually a shortened form of Gearastan Inbhir Lòchaidh, which translates as The Garrison of Inverlochy.

Fort William was originally named Inverlochy, but when the fort was enlarged in the 19th century it adopted the name of Fort William. Fort William was named after King William of Orange in 1690 and Fort William became a crucial base in efforts to contain the Clans who wanted to overthrow King William’s Hanoverian monarchy.


How long does the sports competition last?


Three days.

Note that you often see the word latha used in the singular form, even although its meaning is plural.

Bidh mi ag obair ceithir latha san t-seachdain = I work four days a week

Seachd latha san t-seachdain = Seven days a week


Which event or events last three hours?


Boys' football.

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