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Newspapers/Magazines (General)

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A common feature of General level reading papers is a newspaper/magazine article containing the opinions of young people, on a topic of interest. This often takes the form of debate, or opinions "for" or "against", or "pour" et "contre" in French.

Text 1

A school magazine has asked various pupils to give their opinions on how to make a contribution to fighting pollution.

Que faire pour combattre la pollution?

Marc (14)

"Je pense qu'on devrait voyager en train ou en autobus si on va en ville. Il y a trop de voitures partout."

Christine (16)

"Si on a une voiture, on devrait payer beaucoup plus pour l'essence, par exemple."

A teenage girl looking at a globe.

Max (13)

"Si on achète un burger, on a un tas d'emballage. Pourquoi ne pas nous donner simplement une assiette?"

Sarah (14)

"On doit interdire aux usines de polluer les rivières, par exemple. Sinon les rivières n'auront plus de poissons."


Which student made each of the following statements? Write the name in the correct box.

1. "Why don't they just give us a plate"
2. "There are cars everywhere"
3. "They have to stop factories from polluting rivers"
4. "You should have to pay a lot more for petrol

1. "Why don't they just give us a plate"Max You get a big clue with this answer, because the correct statement contains the familiar phrase fast food. This should make a connection with plate, the word for which is assiette.
2. "There are cars everywhere"MarcYou must be careful here - the keyword is voiture, but this word appears in two of the statements. The keyword here is partout,which means everywhere. Marc says this.
3. "They have to stop factories from polluting rivers"SarahIf you know the word usine, then it is much easier to solve this one. This is the keyword to answering here. It means factory.
4. "You should have to pay a lot more for petrolChristine Watch out, again for the word voiture. It is not the most important word here. Essence, which means petrol,is the word you need here.
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