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Holidays abroad


Exam tips

  • The topic of holidays is usually covered in the past tense so make sure you revise relevant phrases in the perfect tense e.g. 'je suis allé(e)', 'je suis resté(e)', 'j'ai visité'.

  • If a question consists of two parts like the ones in this unit, it is better to try and do part of the question at the first listening opportunity, and use the second chance to listen to fill any gaps you may still have and double check the answers you already have.



People up mountains.

Class Clips

Video clip - French people talk about their holidays

Watch the following clips to learn more holiday language:

Transport and buying tickets

Buying train tickets and asking about platforms

Booking a hotel

A weekend camping

My best holiday ever

Tourism in France


Rabbit on Ma France.

Ma France

Interactive French videos from BBC Languages

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