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The, a, some, any (articles)

un, une

The indefinite articles are un and une, which mean "a" or "an".

  • Un is used before nouns which are masculine.
  • Une isused before nouns which are feminine.


They are often used in the same way as the word "a" in English:

  • J'ai un appartement - I have a flat.
  • Il y a une boulangerie - There is a baker's.
  • Tu as un chat? - Do you have a cat?

Un, Une is sometimes absent where "a" is used in English.

For example:

  • When giving people's occupations.
    • Je suis médecin - I am a doctor.
    • Il travaille comme ingénieur - He is working as an engineer.
  • When giving people's nationality.
    • Ma mère est Française - My mother is a Frenchwoman.
    • Il est Anglais - He is an Englishman.


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