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Irregular adjectives with their own rules.

The following are a bit tricky as they do not follow the common patterns.

Masculine singularMasculine pluralFeminine singularFeminine plural
bref (brief)brefbrefsbrèvebrèves
doux (sweet)douxdouxdoucedouces
favori (favourite)favorifavorisfavoritefavorites
frais (fresh)fraisfraisfraîchefraîches
long (long)longlongslonguelongues

Finally, these three adjectives have their own pattern and go before the noun (see the list of adjectives which fall into this category given to you earlier in the revision bite). Notice that you add an -x to the masculine plural (unless there is one already).

Masculine singularMasculine pluralFeminine singularFeminine plural
beau (beautiful)beaubeauxbellebelles
vieux (old)vieuxvieuxvieillevieilles
nouveau (new)nouveaunouveauxnouvellenouvelles

Note also the forms of these three adjectives bel, nouvel and vieil, which are only ever used before masculine singular words beginning with a vowel or silent h:

  • un bel homme - a handsome man
  • un nouvel ami - a new friend
  • un vieil arbre - an old tree
  • Exceptions: There are a few adjectives like marron (brown) and super (super) which never change -
  • Elle a les yeux marron - she has brown eyes.

Make a list of these as you come across them.




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