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Computing Studies



The internet or net is a global network connecting millions of computers.

The internet

abstract representation of the internet


Services available on the internet include:

  • world wide web
  • email
  • file transfer
  • chat rooms
  • online banking
  • online shopping
  • video conferencing

An internet ready computer is a normal computer but has a modem and a browser.

A modem or modulator/demodulator, is a piece of hardware that connects the computer to a telephone line. Its purpose is to convert digital signals from the computer into suitable form that can be transmitted down the telephone line. The modem at the receiving end converts this back into a digital form.

A browser is a piece of software that displays web pages on the computer screen. Examples of browsers are Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and Chrome.


Video clip - Development of the internet

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A picture of someone operating an early version of the internet.

Class Clips

Video clip about the invention and spread of the internet


A picture of Adrian Miles, a technology expert, who is discussing internet maps.

Class Clips

A TV discussion about the pros and cons of online maps

Watch the following clip to find out more about internet:

Checking you out online

A day in the life of JellyEllie

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