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Chemistry videos
Elements and reactions
Chemical reactions (SQA Topic 1, Speed of reactions (SQA Topic 2), Periodic table (SQA Topic 3), How atoms combine (SQA Topic 4)
Materials from oil
Fractional distillation (SQA Topic 5), How crude oil was formed (SQA Topic 5), Hydrocarbons (SQA Topic 6)
Properties of substances
Conduction of electricity (SQA Topic 7), Ionic and covalent substances (SQA Topic 7)
Acids and alkalis (SQA Topic 8), Reactions of acids (SQA Topic 9)
Making electricity (SQA Topic 10), Reactivity of metals (SQA Topic 11), Corrosion (SQA Topic 12)
Plastics and other materials
Plastics (SQA Topic 13), Fertilisers (SQA Topic 14), Carbohydrates (SQA Topic 15)
Calculations based on reactions, Calculations based on formulae


Small part of periodic table visible, such as Lanthanum, Rb, Cs, Fr


Dive into the crazy kingdom of chemistry - play the games and charge your periodic power!


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