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Growing plants

Seeds and germination

Bean shoot which has an outer seed coat which contains the food store, with the embryo containing the shoot on the side of bean

The seed of a dicotyledonous plant has three main parts:

Table of seed components

Seed coata tough protective outer covering
Embryoconsisting of the young root and shoot which will develop into the adult plant
Food storea store of food (starch) for the young plant to use until it is large enough to make its own food

Germination is the start of growth in the seed. Three factors are required for successful germination:

  • Water - allows the seed to swell up and the embryo to start growing
  • Oxygen - so that energy can be released for germination
  • Warmth - germination improves as temperature rises (up to a maximum)


Video: Germination This video demonstrates the ways in which seed germination is affected by environmental factors.

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Video: How plants produce seeds

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Flower in bloom

Class Clips

Video clip about self- and cross-pollination.

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