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Cell division

The process of mitosis

1st stage of mitosis where chromosomes become visible

Step 1 of mitosis where chromosomes become visible

For the credit exam you need a slightly fuller version of this - don't worry, it's not much more. Here are the stages you will have to be familiar with.

  • Just before a cell divides, each chromosome doubles up to form two identical chromatids joined by a centromere.
  • The chromosomes shorten and thicken and become visible. They move to the equator of the cell and spindle fibres attach each centromere to the poles.
  • The spindle fibres shorten and pull the chromatids apart. The chromatids are pulled to the opposite ends of the cell.
  • Nuclear membranes form and the cytoplasm divides.
  • There are now two new cells each with the same number of chromosomes as the original cell.

Video: mitosis time lapse

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Video: Mitosis Here’s another way to learn about the process of mitosis – through the medium of dance, with scientist and rapper Jon Chase.

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Class Clips

Video clip showing animations of mitosis and meiosis


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Tombstone Timeout

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