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Distance, speed and time - Test


After a meal, an earthworm moves at a distance of 45cm in 90 seconds. Find the speed of the earthworm.


A car leaves Dover at 8.00am and arrives in London at 10.30am. If the distance is 120 km, find the average speed.


A killer shark, attacking a fishing boat, swims at a speed of 13m/s for half a minute. How far does it swim in this time?


A car leaves London at 8.30am and arrives in Edinburgh at 5.30pm. If the car travels at an average speed of 75 km/hr, how far is it from London to Edinburgh?


A car travels at 88 km/hr over a distance of 22 miles. Find in minutes the time taken for the car to travel this.


A sum of £120 is divided in the ratio 3:4:5. What is the largest share?


Find the largest share when £192.50 is divided in the ratio of 2:5.


Find the smallest share when 260g is divided in the ratio of 4:2:7.


At an election 7800 people voted Labour, Conservative or Liberal Democrats in the ratio of 4:3:5. How many people voted Conservative?


£109.80 is divided between James and his twin sisters in the ratio 5:2:2. How much did each twin receive?


A car travelling at a steady speed takes 4 hours to travel 244 km. Find the average speed of the car.


A car travels at a constant speed of 40 mph for 3 hours. How far does the car go?


An octopus swims 7 km at a speed of 3 km/hr. How long does it take in hours and minutes.


A horse runs for 2 hours 15 mins at a speed of 8 mph. How far does it run?


The distance from London to Penzance by rail is 420km. At what average speed must a train travel to cover this distance in 4 hours?