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Tone and style - Test

Read this extract from a letter about Ashfield Park and then answer the following three questions.

Dear Mrs Devonshire

I live near the park and I am very angry about what I see most days. There is a place in the park which is horrible. It stinks. Children shouldn't be in there because it's never cleared up. There's no one watching. Gangs go in there and leave their bottles lying around.


Which of the follow best summarises this letter?


Which statement is correct?


Which of the following would make the biggest improvement to the letter?


The following sentences are about a schoolboy who rescued a stray dog.

1. "He's a lovely lad, and we're all proud of him," said Susan Bull, Sam's mum.
2. "Am I bothered?" said Sam.
3. Sam's heart skipped a beat when he heard the baleful barking which he attributed to the stray animal. But was that all?
4. The dog will stay at the RSPCA shelter in Lower Smalley for at least another week.
5. Sam's head, Mr Paw, said, "He's normally a difficult lad, always in trouble, so I hope he didn't hurt the dog."
6. Sam stopped and went to investigate.

Which sentences are suitable for a newspaper article?


This is the start of a ghost story:

The noisy door opened to reveal a hall. Ben was cold as he went inside, his feet making a noise on the cold tile floor. He softly walked forward, unsure of what he would find.
Upstairs Mr Mallinson stopped - he had heard the first noise, and then the noise as the door opened, but he really didn't think anyone would come inside and spoil his plans. He had to get rid of them as quickly as possible. He went to the top of the stairs and shouted, "Who's there?" in a sharp, angry voice.
Ben's feet stopped, and he quietly said, "It's me, Ben. From next door."
"Ben who?"
"Sc.. Sc-ott - Ben Scott," he said.
Mr Mallinson went back towards the bedroom and pulled the door shut. He turned the key and then checked the door again. No-one could get in now. He was safe, at least for the time being.
But Ben wasn't. A pair of eyes watched him in the darkness. And they weren't human.

What would be the best way to improve it?