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Production techniques - Test


What kind of planning chart shows the tasks involved in making a product, with any overlaps between different tasks?


When marking out, you need something flat and straight to measure from. What is this called?


What is the tool used to check that one surface is at right-angles to another called?


What should you use to mark a line parallel to the edge of a piece of metal?


Fabrication processes can be:


What method of deforming does this diagram show?

shows wood being bent between two shaped pieces of metal. Clamps hold the metal and wood in place.


In which method of deforming is sheet plastic placed between the two halves of a mould, which are then heated and pressure applied?


The method of shaping materials by melting or softening them into a paste, then hardening them is called:


Which of the items below would be made by extrusion?


Which method of reforming is shown in this diagram?

Molten metal is forced into a cavity in a mould using a plunger. The mould is made from two halves. One half of the mould can move.