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Mechanical principles - Test


Which of the following can help you remain balanced?


Maintaining your balance is dependent on several factors: the size of your base of support, how heavy you are, and how well you keep your centre of gravity in the middle of your base of support; but which is the missing answer?


Why is a handstand more difficult than a headstand?


Which of the following skills requires you to transfer your weight for more power?


Transferring weight is one way of generating more power. Which of the following is another method for generating more power?


Resistance can be either an advantage or a disadvantage. In which of the following examples is resistance a disadvantage?


How can a swimmer reduce the effect water resistance has on them?


A long lever can generate more speed and power, which of the following pieces of sporting equipment is the longest leaver?


In many activities you are required to follow through after hitting or striking a ball, but why is following through so important