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Maths I


Interpreting graphs - Test


Look at the graph and decide which of the statements below is true.

A line graph comparing age in years along the x axis, with numbers 23, 31 and 99 up the y axis. At age 1 the y axis value is 31, at 2 it is at the bottom, at value 23, and at age 3 the value is 99 on the y axis.


What is the trend of this graph?

A graph comparing the year along the x axis and the number of pupils up the y axis. In 1995 there were 3000 pupils, in 1996 theer were 2500, in 1997 there were 2000, and in 1998 there were 1500.


What happened to the attendances between April 1995 and April 1998?


Estimate the attendance for April 1999.


Which of these graphs show how the height of water in a beaker changes as the volume of water increases by a steady amount? Imagine a steady trickle of water going into the beaker.

Three graphs, labelled a, b and c. There is a pot which is narrower at the bottom, gets wider as it goes up, then is stright up for a bit. Graph A shows a horizontal line coming from halfway up the y axis. Graph B shows a straight line from zero goign diagonally up. Graph C shows a diagonal straight line coming from zero, which suddenly gets less steep and continues straight.


The graph shows information about a brother and sister, Ross and Julie.

Graph comparing age along the x axis with weight up the y axis. Person b is further along the x axis than person a. Both person a and b are at the same point up the y axis.

Julie is older than Ross. Which point represents Julie?


Who weighs more?


Five friends decide to meet at the tennis court. Mahmet lives 2 kilometres away from the court and decides to cycle.

John and Elaine both live 3 kilometres away and Niama and Hugh live 1 kilometre away from the tennis court.

Hugh and Elaine cycle to the tennis court while Niama walks and John goes by car.

Each point on the graph below describes one person's journey.

A graph comparing the time taken along the x axis, with the length of the journey up the y axis. The journey of 1 is 5 minutes and 3 kilometres. The journey of 2 is 15 minutes and 3 kilometres, the journey of 3 is 5 minutes and 1 kilometre. The journey of 4 is 15 minutes and 1 kilometre. The journey of Mahmet is 10 minutes and 2 kilometres.

Which point represents John?


Which point represents Elaine?


Which point represents Hugh?