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Russia 1914 to 1941

The October Revolution 1917 - Test


The Provisional Government was unpopular in Russia; how did this help the Bolsheviks succeed in their October 1917 Revolution?


How did the Petrograd Soviet council of soldiers and workers help the Bolsheviks undermine the Provisional Government?


How did Lenin's return to Russia in April 1917 as Leader of the Bolsheviks, and his promises to the people, help lead to a successful revolution in October 1917?


How did the defeat in September 1917 of General Kornilov's troops by the Bolsheviks' Red Guard help lead to a successful Revolution in October?


Why did the Bolsheviks set up a Military Revolutionary Committee?


In what way did the Bolsheviks gain control of Petrograd?


Why did the Bolsheviks then take control of Moscow as part of their Revolution?


How did the Russian Bolshevik revolution in October 1917 mean an end to the Romanov dynasty?


What were some of the reasons for Tsar Nicholas II's failure to hold on to power?