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Judaism and revelation - Test


Genesis, the second book of the Jewish scriptures, begins with an account of God creating the world.


God speaks to Moses through a burning bush and Moses asks God's name.


In the Jewish scriptures, God's name is spelt with four consonants: YHWH.


Jewish teaching says that the name of God is so holy that only Rabbis know how to pronounce it.


When they see the four letters YHWH Jews usually say the name Adonai which means Lord.


The Jewish scriptures say that Moses spoke to God.


Although God does appear in the Jewish scriptures it is only in the Gardens of Babylon where God seems to appear in a human form.


Sometimes God is a pillar of cloud or flame, and sometimes just a voice.


Sometimes God appears as an evil king.


There are many miracles in the New Testament. For example: the accounts of Moses and his stick that turned into a snake; the plagues of Egypt; the parting of the Reed Sea, and the food that the Israelites were given by God in the desert.