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Text types - Test

Read the extracts below and state what type of fiction they are.


The crew of The Discovery were tired. It had been a long voyage and things had been going wrong from the beginning. The navigator had uncovered an error of three parsecs in the astrogation charts and the ship's cat had been eaten by a mutated rat.


The house brooded over the surrounding hills like a grey gargoyle. Few people who approached it could resist shuddering in fear.


Mary was worried. Martin should have phoned by now. He had said he would and she felt certain that he wanted to keep his promise. But what if he'd met Sheila? The scheming minx was more than capable of distracting him and she hated to think of her sister and Martin together.


Joe Dante took one last look around his office. The pictures on the walls were starting to depress him. His ex-wife, his ex-partner and now George, his ex-friend. He still couldn't believe that George had ratted on him just to save his own skin. The glow of the police light on the window reminded him that he had to get out quick. He put the .45 in his pocket and moved towards the door.

Read this extract and answer the following three questions.

Harvey's Tale of Terror

Harvey is a very affectionate black and white puppy. At just eight weeks old he was callously abandoned. One cold night he was stuffed into a holdall with his five brothers and sisters, and left outside a pub on a busy road. They could easily have died. Fortunately they were rescued in time to be taken to the local RSPCA Animal Centre.

RSPCA charity pamphlet


What is the audience of this extract?


What is the purpose of this extract?


How has the writer matched the style and content to the audience and purpose?