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Frequency diagrams - Quiz


22 children were asked whether they walked to school. 11 children said yes. What fraction of a pie chart would be taken up by the Yes segment?


In a survey of 18 children, 12 had brown eyes and 6 had blue eyes. What fraction of a pie chart would be taken up by the segment for blue eyes?


In one year, 300 Tourer bikes were sold. On a pictogram where 1 wheel represents 50 bikes, how many wheels would you put on the Tourer line?


In a pictogram of favourite sandwich fillings, a face represents 4 children. The line for jam shows 7.5 faces. How many children prefer jam fillings?


Which of these would be best at showing how the temperature of a pie changes over time when it is put in the oven?


240 people were asked what they'd had for breakfast. A pie chart was drawn of the results. Toast took up one quarter of the chart. This shows


What is it NOT important to do when looking at information in a bar chart.


Emily drew a bar chart to show the number of different birds she saw on holiday. There was no bar above the label Puffin. What does this mean?


Lee made a bar chart to show how many bikes he sold each day. Each day had its own bar. We could find out the total number of bikes Lee sold by


Tally marks are usually drawn in groups of

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