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Space physics

Space travel - Test


A toy sailing boat with an electric fan

A toy sailing boat has a small powerful electric fan fixed to the stern of the boat as shown in the diagram. Answer true or false to the following statements:

(1.1) The boat can be pushed forward by directing air from the fan on to the sails.


Credit. The boat can be pushed forwards by directing the air from the fan over the stern of the boat.


Which of the following applies to the situation involving a rocket just after the very moment of lift-off? Answer true or false.

(2.1) The rocket pushes on the Earth


The Earth pushes on the rocket


The rocket pushes on its exhaust gases


The exhaust gases pull upwards on the rocket


Credit. The rocket pulls on the Earth


Credit. The Earth pulls on the rocket


The exhaust gases push on the rocket


A parachutist drifts slowly downwards towards the earth with constant speed. Only two forces, P and W, act on the parachutist. Force P is the upwards pull from the parachute and W is the downwards pull from the Earth

A parachutist drifting slowly towards the earth with constant speed - with an upward force of P and a downward force of W acting upon him.

(3.1) P and W are equal in size and opposite in direction


P and W are balanced forces.


Credit. P and W represent a Newton-pair.