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English Literature

Your Shoes

Character - Test

When you write down your ideas about a story, it is important to support your points with quotations. Below is a list of quotations from the story, each telling us something important about the narrator, the daughter, or the narrator's mother.

But what do these quotations show us about the characters? Choose one of the commentaries for each quotation:

The narrator knew thought she knew everything about her daughter.
The narrator is really very upset but doesn't want other people to see.
The narrator cradles the shoes, imagining that they are her daughter.
The words the narrator uses to describe her mother show that she thinks she looked cheap and brassy.
The narrator mocked her mother's attempts to make herself look slim and youthful.
The narrator's daughter may have had an eating disorder.


"Fistfuls of currants and sultanas you'd jam into your mouth, one custard cream after another, you'd wolf all my supply of chocolate bars."


"Blonde hair done up in sausages on top of her head, cap stuck on one side, big lipsticked mouth."


"No secret places, no hidey-holes, nothing in you I couldn't see."


"I hold you to my breast and rock you like my mother never rocked me."


"She wore a girdle to hold herself in."


"If I wrap my arms around myself and hold tight it keeps the pain in. Stops it spilling out and making a terrible mess."