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Fun activities for primary school children in England, Northern Ireland and Wales (KS1 and 2) and Scotland (1st and 2nd Level) covering English and Literacy, Maths and Science.


Literacy: 9 activities

Deep Sea Phonics

Help Molly open the treasure chests by choosing the sounds that make up the words.

Maths: 11 activities

Safari Units

Choose the right weights to help Molly balance the jungle animals on the scales.

Science: 11 activities

Garden Guru

Molly is busy in the garden! Help her learn about how plants grow.


Literacy and English: 11 activities

Reading Train

Max has got some reading to do! Help him read stories, newspapers and text messages as he sits on the train.

Mathematics: 12 activities

Grid Zoo

Help Molly the zoo keeper keep track of all the animals in the zoo, using the animal map.

Sciences: 11 activities

Water Explorer

A fun activity to help children at 1st Level in Scotland learn about changing states of water.


English: 20 activities


You’re trapped! Choose the correctly spelt words to escape from the tower and help the Midnight Bride find a husband.

Maths: 25 activities


Control the Roboidz with your knowledge of angles in this exciting Mission 2110 game.

Science: 25 activities


The UK is in the grip of a super-flu outbreak! Work out which microorganism is responsible.


Literacy and English: 21 activities


Can you find the hidden meanings in this Big Babies rap?

Mathematics: 25 activities


Help Dick and Dom find the biggest decimal in this game of horses, hats and turnips!

Sciences: 9 activities

Food chains and webs

Find out about food chains and webs with Deadly 60’s Steve.

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