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Diet, drugs and health



There are seven different nutrients:

  • carbohydrates

  • proteins

  • fats

  • minerals

  • vitamins

  • fibre

  • water

Some foods are particularly rich in certain nutrients. The table shows why we need each nutrient, and some good sources of each.

Nutrient Use in the body Good sources
Carbohydrate To provide energy Cereals, bread, pasta, rice and potatoes
Protein For growth and repair Fish, meat, eggs, beans, pulses and dairy products
Fat To provide energy. Also to store energy in the body and insulate it against the cold. Butter, oil and nuts
Minerals Needed in small amounts to maintain health Salt, milk (for calcium) and liver (for iron)
Vitamins Needed in small amounts to maintain health Dairy foods, fruit, vegetables
Fibre To provide roughage to help to keep the food moving through the gut Vegetables, bran
Water Needed for cells and body fluids Fruit juice, milk, water


Diet, drugs and health activity

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