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Whole numbers


Writing and describing

When describing whole numbers, remember the place values of the original digits.

However, some digits are 'joined' in their description. For example - when describing the number 35, we do not say 'three tens and five units', but instead describe it by the more common name of 'thirty five'.

In the same way the thousands, ten-thousands and hundred-thousands columns are usually described together. Here are some examples.

2 000 is described as 'two thousand'
62 000 is described as 'sixty two thousand', and
162 000 is described as 'one hundred and sixty-two thousand'


The number 3 147 286 can be written in words as
three million, one hundred and forty seven thousand, two hundred and eighty six.


Q1. Describe the numbers 4 235 225 in words.

Q2. Write twenty-three thousand and fifty six in figures


A1. Four million, two hundred and thirty five thousand, two hundred and twenty five.

Sample question

A2. 23 056

Sample question


Whole number activity

Perplexed by place values? Then try this activity.



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