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Multiplication and division



To divide a large number by a 1-digit number you can set it out like this:

964 divided by 7 equals 127 remainder 5
  1. 7 goes into 9 once with 2 remaining (remainder 2), so put a 1 above the 9 and carry the 2 to the tens column.

  2. 7 goes into 26 three times, remainder 5, so put 3 over the 6 and carry 5 to the hundreds column.

  3. 7 goes into 54 seven times, remainder 5 so put 7 over the 4 and have a remainder of 5.

So 964 ÷ 7 = 137 remainder 5

We write this with an 'r' for 'remainder', so it looks like this:
964 ÷ 7 = 137 r 5

This method is called short division.



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