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Number patterns


Number patterns in diagrams

A number pattern in a diagram often requires counting shapes to find the rule. Again, look at how the pattern grows from one term to the next.


square number patterns
  • Pattern 1 has 0 orange tiles and 3 blue tiles, so 3 tiles altogether
  • Pattern 2 has 1 orange tiles and 5 blue tiles, so 6 tiles altogether
  • Pattern 3 has 2 orange tiles and 7 blue tiles, so 9 tiles altogether

Q1. Based on the number patterns above, draw pattern 4.

Q2. Look again at the number patterns above. Write the rule and the fourth terms for:
a) orange tiles
b) blue tiles
c) all tiles



square numbers pattern

Pattern 4 has 3 orange tiles and 9 blue tiles, so 12 tiles altogether

a) The rule for the number pattern of orange tiles is 'add 1' and the 4th term is 3.
b) The rule for the number pattern of blue tiles is 'add 2' and the 4th term is 9.
c) The rule for the number pattern of all tiles is 'add 3' and the 4th term is 12.



Number patterns activity

Follow the rules and try this activity!



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