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From medieval monarchs to modern marvels, explore history and find out about some of the characters and events that changed the world.

The Middle Ages
The Norman Conquest, The feudal system and the Domesday Book, Thomas Becket and Henry II, The Crusades, King John and the Magna Carta, The Black Death, The Peasants' Revolt, Everyday life in the Middle Ages
The Tudors and Stuarts
Henry VIII, The Reformation, Elizabeth I, The Armada, The Gunpowder Plot, Charles I and the Civil War, Oliver Cromwell, The Plague, Everyday life in Tudor and Stuart times
The industrial era
The triangular slave trade, The Industrial Revolution, The Chartists, Everyday life in the industrial era
The 20th century
The campaign for women's suffrage, The First World War, Ireland in the 20th century, The Second World War, The Holocaust, Hiroshima, The civil rights movement in America, Everyday life in the 20th century
The wider world
The Roman Empire, The Islamic world in the Middle Ages, Modern China
The UK through time
The British Empire, The UK economy through time, UK government through time, Shaping the UK, Medicine through time, Movement and Settlement in the UK, Popular Protest through time and the UK, Religion through time in the UK, Conflict through time and the UK

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