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Another way to look at sentences is to think about their purposes. For instance, we can talk about...

Statements, which tell us things. We tend to see these in school text books, in newspapers, or in an encyclopedia. For instance:

  • Paris is the capital of France.

  • Derby County play at Pride Park.

  • This Revision Bite is all about sentences.

Questions, which ask us things or make us think about things. For instance:

  • What does TiPToP stand for?

  • When did the First World War end?

  • How much for a coffee?

Orders, which are also called commands. These tell us what to do, so we find these in instructions, recipes and signs. For instance:

  • Put your litter in the bin.

  • Do not touch.

  • Next, take a small pinch of salt and mix it all together.

Exclamations, which are shouted out. You'd hear these at a football match, in arguments, or if you told a joke. For instance:

  • Amazing!

  • Shut up!

  • Goal!

You don't have to know the names but you do need to know how and when to use them.


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