Presentations and reading aloud


Presentations are sometimes less formal than speeches, and you'll probably be asked to present in groups rather than on your own. Use the tips on the previous page to make your performance strong.

Here are some extra tips for group presentations:

  • Organise the presentation fairly between each group member - ensure that everyone gets their chance to present. If you're shy, don't hide behind your group - you need to take part too!

  • A group presention needs to come across as a team effort - be careful not to allow over enthusiastic members to dominate.

  • Work together - if one person is speaking, another person can point to relevant visual aids.

Reading aloud

A poet reading aloud

You may be asked to find a poem or an extract from a story to read aloud to your class. Here are some tips to help you with reading aloud:

  • If you can choose a text you are familiar with this will probably boost your confidence.

  • Practise your reading using gestures and movement, and don't be tempted to hide behind your book.

  • Try to look up from your reading several times and make eye contact with your audience.

  • Vary your pitch and tone and make it relevant to your subject matter. If you're reading something spooky, try to reflect this in your voice. If you're reading a conversation between two characters, attempt to distinguish their voices.

  • Think about volume and pace - ensure that your audience can hear you clearly.


Speaking activity

Improve your public speaking and maybe you'll be a TV Presenter one day. But it's not all bad!


State of Debate

Talk your way out of trouble using your English skills.

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