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Romeo and Juliet


The plan

Juliet's mother tells her to cheer up because her father has arranged for her to marry Paris. Juliet loses her temper and refuses. Her father comes in and can't believe how ungrateful she is being. He threatens to throw her out and disown her. He says he wants to hit her. She asks her mother to stand up for her, but she refuses.

The Nurse tells Juliet to forget Romeo and marry Paris

The Nurse tells Juliet to forget Romeo and marry Paris

When Juliet's mother and father have left, Juliet asks the Nurse what she should do. The Nurse says to forget Romeo and just marry Paris without owning up. In those days, that would have been a sin, and to marry two people at once would mean that she would be sent to hell. Juliet says that she will do what the Nurse suggests, but when she leaves the room, Juliet says to herself that the Nurse is two-faced. She decides to see if Friar Lawrence will help her. If not, she thinks she will have to commit suicide.

Paris goes to visit Friar Lawrence to arrange his wedding to Juliet. The Friar tries to stall for more time. When Juliet arrives, she gives Paris 'the cold shoulder' until he leaves. She begs the Friar to help her, threatening to kill herself. The Friar has a plan if Juliet has the guts to carry it through. He knows of a drug that will make her seem as though she is dead for forty-two hours. This will mean that she will be put in the family tomb along with Tybalt. Then the Friar will let Romeo know the truth, so that he can come and take her away when she wakes up and they can go off together to Mantua. Juliet isn't scared. She takes the drug home with her.

Everyone is busy with wedding preparations at the Capulets' house. Capulet is in a good mood. Juliet tells her father that she has been to see the Friar to confess her sins and asks for her dad's forgiveness. Even the Nurse believes her.

Juliet says good night to her mum then starts to panic about what she is about to do. She might die. She might go mad when she wakes up in a tomb full of dead people. There might be ghosts. She imagines that she sees Tybalt's ghost. She takes the poison and falls unconscious on her bed.

The Nurse finds Juliet and thinks she is dead. She is beside herself with grief. The family comes running and her mother and father can't believe it. Friar Lawrence arrives pretending that he has come to take Juliet to church to marry Paris. Paris comes and is shocked at the news.

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