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Romeo and Juliet


Marriage & murder

Meanwhile, Benvolio tells Mercutio that Tybalt has sent a letter to Montague's house challenging Romeo to a duel. Mercutio jokes about how good a swordsman Tybalt is, comparing him to a dancer. He calls him Prince of Cats. When Romeo turns up, Mercutio makes lots of rude jokes, and Romeo, who is now in a good mood joins in.

The Nurse warns Romeo not to mess Juliet around. He tells her that the wedding will be that afternoon at Friar Lawrence's place. The Nurse is really excited.

When the Nurse arrives back at the Capulet's house, Juliet is beside herself with impatience. The Nurse teases her and makes her wait for the good news.

Romeo and Juliet are secretly married by Friar Lawrence

Romeo and Juliet get married secretly

Juliet meets Romeo at Friar Lawrence's and they go off to get secretly married.

Meanwhile, Mercutio squabbles with Benvolio. Benvolio is worried that the Capulets might turn up looking for a fight. Tybalt appears looking for Romeo. Mercutio teases him. Romeo arrives and refuses to fight Tybalt. Romeo tells him he loves him! (It's because Tybalt is now his relation through marriage, but he can't tell anyone that because the wedding is still a secret!) Mercutio fights Tybalt in Romeo's place. Romeo gets between them and, as a result, Mercutio is fatally wounded. He dies cursing both families. Romeo's grief at his friend's death quickly turns to rage. He kills Tybalt. Remembering Prince Escalus's warnings, Benvolio begs Romeo to run away.

Lady Capulet wants Romeo to be put to death for murdering Tybalt, but Prince Escalus points out that Tybalt killed Mercutio. He orders that Romeo should be sent away from Verona and not allowed back.

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