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Romeo and Juliet


The proposal

Meanwhile, a nobleman called Paris visits Capulet to ask him if he can marry Juliet. Capulet asks him to wait two more summers, but suggest he romances his daughter and invites Paris to a party that evening. He gives his servant a list of names of people to invite.

The servant can't read. He bumps into Benvolio and Romeo and asks them to read the list for him. Rosaline's name, amongst others, is on the list. The servant doesn't know that Benvolio and Romeo are Montagues and invites them to the party, too.

Lady Capulet is sent to tell Juliet about Paris's proposal. They aren't very close so she asks Juliet's Nurse to stay and listen. Juliet will be fourteen on Lammas-eve, 31st July. Juliet tells her mother that she has never thought about marriage, but promises to take a look at Paris.

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