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The PEE technique

As well as having lots of ideas, you need to explain them clearly. One really effective way of doing this is to use PEE .




So if you're answering a question, state your point, back it up with a piece of evidence and then explain it.

Try out the PEE method. Here's an extract from 'Holes' about Stanley and the prison work camp.

Find two features of Stanley's character and explain how they are suggested. Write your answer down and then compare it to ours.

Stanley and his parents had tried to pretend that he was just going away to camp for a while, just like rich kids do. When Stanley was younger he used to play with stuffed animals, and pretend the animals were at camp. Camp Fun and Games he called it. Sometimes he'd have them play soccer with a marble. Other times they'd run an obstacle course, or go bungee jumping off a table, tied to broken rubber bands. Now Stanley tried to pretend he was going to Camp Fun and Games. Maybe he'd make some friends, he thought. At least he'd get to swim in the lake.

'Holes' - Louis Sachar


Check our ideas on the extract by clicking the button below.



  1. Stanley is a lonely boy.

  2. He is willing to make the best of a bad situation.


  1. The writer suggests that Stanley spent long periods, when younger, playing alone with stuffed toys.

  2. Stanley thinks that he will have the chance to make friends and 'at least he'd get to swim in the lake'.


  1. The writer lists the sort of games Stanley played with his stuffed toys at 'Camp Fun and Games' in a way that suggests he was playing on his own - the toys became his friends.

  2. He is going to a boy's prison work camp, but, instead of thinking about the horrors he might face, he shows that he is hopeful and ready to make the best of things.


Character activity

What kind of character are you?


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