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Writing it down: the vertical method

When using the vertical method, line up the units, tens and hundreds underneath each other and then multiply each digit, starting with the units.

Example 1

246 x 3

Start by multiplying the 3 by the 6 to give 18.Example 246 multiplied by 3: Step 1

Then multiply the 3 by the 4 to give 12. Add the 1 carried over to give 13.Example 246 multiplied by 3: Step 2

Then multiply the 3 by the 2 to give 6. Add the 1 carried over to give 7.Example 246 multiplied by 3: Step 3

So the answer to 246 x 3 is 738.

Example 2

38 x 13

If you are multiplying by a number over 10, for example 38 x 13, you use the same method as above but break it down into 2 parts, 38 x 3 and 38 x 10, and then add the two answers together:

Example 38 x 13

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