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About the exam
About the exam
Performance Appreciation
The Overall Nature and Demands of Quality Performance, Technical Physical Personal and Special Qualities of Performance, Mental Factors influencing Performance, The Use of appropriate models of performance, Planning and Managing Performance Improvement
Preparation of the Body
Gathering Data, Development Needs, Demands of Activity, Principles of Training, Types of Training and why they are appropriate, Training Phases, Goal Setting, Monitoring and Evaluating Training, Impact of Training on whole performance, Future Development Needs
Skills and Techniques
Models of Performance, Concept of Skills/Techniques and classification of skills, Classification of analysis, Methods of Gathering Data, Processing Information when learning skills, Stages of Learning, Methods of Learning, Types of Practice, Goal Setting, Principles of Effective Practice, Factors that can affect performance, Planning a Training Programme, Importance of monitoring and reviewing, Impact training has on your whole performance, Future Development Needs
Structures, Strategies and Composition
Describing a structure/strategy or composition, Roles and Responsibilities, Decision Making, Strengths and Weaknesses, The Principles of Play, Reasons for selecting a particular structure/strategy or composition, Collecting Data, Improving performance/adapting your structure/strategy or composition, Evaluating, Impact of Improvements or adaptations

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