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Performance fitness

Gathering data outwith the activity

It is also possible to gather information on fitness levels outwith the activity through standardised fitness tests.

There are a wide range of fitness tests available to enable performers to assess particular aspects of their fitness. It is important that these tests are carried out in the correct procedure and format in which they have been developed to make them valid and reliable.

Aspect of fitnessExample of test
Cardio-respiratory endurance12 min Cooper test

Leger test

Muscular enduranceMaximal press-up / sit-up test
SpeedTimes 20m, 30m, 60m, 100m run
PowerMax Jones quad test

Sergeant jump

Strength1 rep max test


FlexibilitySit and reach test

Shoulder lift

Trunk extension

Why are tests appropriate?

  • Each test is specific to a particular aspect of fitness
  • Tests are widely recognised
  • Norms are established
  • Provide a permanent record, therefore can be repeated and compared
  • Compare to elite performer
  • Can set training intensity and goals
  • Identify strengths and weaknesses
  • Can set training intensity and set targets

How to ensure a test is valid:

  • Strict guidelines on test procedure should be followed, to make sure test is accurate
  • When retesting conditions must be constant, to ensure reliability
  • Results must be non biased
  • Test must measure the correct aspect of fitness

Analysing data collected

Data from a movement analysis chart may show for example that towards the end of each basketball quarter, overall involvement in the game started to decline (ie. fewer sprints made, less lay ups attempted etc). This would suggest that there was a problem with cardiovascular endurance. This could then be backed up by completing the 12 minute Cooper test and comparing results to norms.

Similarly video analysis and an observation schedule of the long jump could suggest a lack of power in the take off phase. This could be backed up from results of the Max Jones Quad Test.


man swimming

Sports techniques

Give your eyes some exercise with these PE videos.

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