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Understanding the DME


The exam

The Decision Making Exercise (DME) asks you to evaluate a number of sources for and against a certain point of view, based on the knowledge and understanding you have gained in Paper 1 (Social Issues).

In the exam, you will have to make a decision about a topic drawn from Wealth and Health Inequalities.

In this Revision Bite you are asked to imagine that you are a health policy expert. You have been asked to prepare a report in which you decide on one of the following points of view:

  • The recent increase in National Insurance contributions is sufficient to deal with inequalities in health.


  • An increase in taxation is still necessary to deal with inequalities in health.

The exam falls into two parts:

  • Evaluating questions based on the sources.
  • Writing the report based on the information you have gathered from the sources and your own background knowledge.

You can find the sources within the Revision Bite but you will also be able to see them when you start working on the Test Bite. You might find it easier to print them off while you are working on your report.

The most important thing is to take time to read the sources very carefully before answering any questions. You will be asked to make a clear decision when you write your report.


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