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Orange hexagon with a calculator and the words maths factor

Maths Factor

Test your answers and see if they add up to success in our maths game.

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Green octagon with a graphic representation of DNA double-helix and the words natural selection

Natural Selection

Have you evolved the knowledge to master our biology game?

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A bright tick on a dark background, one of two options

Hazard Perception

Metaphors, similes, personification... test yourself on these and many more English terms with our hazardous game.

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Two different cosine waves against a dark grid

Wave Rider

Cruise the cosine coastline with Wave Rider. Will your equation add up?

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Objects and arrows denoting velocity and gravity

Blast Off

Ready, aim, and fire up your velocity curiosity with this Physics game! Then see if you can hit the target.

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Objects and arrows denoting velocity and gravity


No need to take cover here! Try to calculate the landing spot in this Physics game. Can you catch the cannon balls?

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Silhouette of a face

Memory game: Faces

How good are you at putting a name to a face?



Memory game: Objects in order

Elephants never forget...but do you? Try this memory game and find out.


An eight and a six

Memory game: Numbers

Are you a digit diva or a numerical numbskull?

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