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Elizabeth Bennet is the heroine of the novel and most of the characters and situations in Pride and Prejudice are seen through her eyes.

Elizabeth Bennet

Jennifer Ehle as Elizabeth Bennet.

Elizabeth Bennet

  • Aged 20, she's the second-eldest of five daughters.
  • Her father's favourite, she's intelligent, playful, spirited, witty and attractive, if not outstandingly beautiful.
  • Elizabeth is independent of thought and stands up for herself, even to those far above her in social standing (Darcy, Lady Catherine).
  • She can be impulsive (when she walks through the fields to visit Jane).
  • Elizabeth is very loyal, loving and protective (her reaction to Bingley leaving Jane; Lydia eloping with Wickham).
  • She makes bad errors of judgement (believing Wickham; prejudiced against Darcy).
  • She can be mature (she realises the mistakes others have made in marriage; advised her father not to let Lydia go to Brighton).
  • She's the romantic heroine [heroine: The principal female character in a novel. of the novel.


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